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Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Kingdom is Coming

Since the election, I've noticed that as the initial finger-pointing and blaming ebbed, it gave way to hand-wringing and moaning. Then, some folks remembered God's sovereignty and adopted an attitude of somber resignation.
When will we acknowledge God's sovereignty by heeding His Word and obeying the Great Commission? (Matthew 28:18-20) I really like this Gospel song, "The Kingdom is Coming" because it expresses the attitude of the Church militant going forth to conquer in the name of the King. We have allowed pietism and pessimillennialism to smother that attitude.
Mary B. Slade wrote the words in 1876, and Rigdon M. McIntosh composed the melody. To hear the tune, CLICK HERE.

From all the dark places of earth’s heathen races,
O see how the thick shadows fly!
The voice of salvation awakes every nation,
Come over and help us, they cry.
The kingdom is coming, O tell ye the story,
God’s banner exalted shall be!
The earth shall be full of His knowledge and glory,
As waters that cover the sea.
The sunlight is glancing o’er armies advancing
To conquer the kingdoms of sin;
Our Lord shall possess them,
His presence shall bless them,
His beauty shall enter them in.
With shouting and singing, and jubilant ringing,
Their arms of rebellion cast down;
At last every nation the Lord of salvation
Their King and Redeemer shall crown!

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