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Monday, August 29, 2011

Christian Warrior Online: WARSKYL on Steroids

As I launch this Christian Warrior Online blog, I intend to make it function like WARSKYL on steroids. Here's how I plan to do that:

  • Broader Mission: Although I will continue to aim the content at Christian Martialists, I also want to show how the Warrior calling relates to the broader mission of the Church, Christian culture, community, and more;
  • Better Organization: First, I will be adding more stand-alone pages to the blog, each dealing with a different topic (community, culture, etc.) -- I have started with a WARSKYL page -- Second, my years of experience with the WARSKYL blog have given me a better feel for labels and how to use them to maximize the ease of locating specific material -- Third, I will put lists with links to pertinent blog posts on the stand alone pages.
  • Blend of Old and New: I will continue to write new posts for Christian Warrior Online, but I also want to update and revise some classic material from the WARSKYL blog so that, with the new organizational system, all that information will be more accessible to you.
And, as always, I welcome your comments and suggestions. Although I do have answers, I know I don't have all the answers. Therefore, I look forward to your input regarding organization as well as content.

To my veteran readers, I hope that this new venture will prove more inspirational and instructional as relates to your calling as Christian Martialists. To my new readers, I hope it will not be long before you consider yourselves Christian Warrior Online veterans.

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