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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Christian Warrior: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

I want to tell you why I believe that the Christian Warrior concept is an idea whose time has come. The world continues toward a tipping point that will seal the fate of millions, if not billions, and the Church experiences ridicule in the West while it suffers outright persecution in backward nations. (Note: the farther a country wanders from godly faith, ethics & worldview, the more backward it becomes.)

At this critical time, both the Church and the world stand in desperate need of the wisdom, courage, strength and protection offered by the Christian Warrior. The form and direction of civilization for generations to come will depend on whether or not he hears and answers the call to serve.

What are the qualifications of the Christian Warrior?

  1. He serves Christ the King with his whole heart. He will spend his lifeblood and give his very life's breath for the cause of his covenant Lord's kingdom;
  2. He trains rigorously in the proper use of two classes of weapons: a) The Truth b) Physical Weapons; he also has the wisdom to know when and when not to use each.
  3. He is not a merely a warrior -- soldier, police officer, etc. -- who happens to be a Christian, but regardless of his employment, he is a warrior with an undivided calling. He would never subordinate his life mission to that of his job.

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