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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

From the Barber's Chair: Preparedness Evaluation, 4

Re: Barber's Chair, Preparedness

Continued from "From the Barber's Chair: Preparedness Evaluation, 3"

Here is the final installment of my barber's preparedness evaluation (sorry this is late, but I had to leave town the latter part of last week):

Summation.  I had about a week to think about everything.  In disaster prep,you have two directions.  Ramp up,or downsize.  If I had my way,we would downsize everything.  Use the F.R.O.G. system.  Fully rely on God.  Do two old people need a big chest freezer,and another on top of the fridge?  Maybe a small freezer is indicated,and if you lose power,take the small loss.  A really good inverter will supply power to power a lamp in the evening.  A camp stove may be a better way to do hot food,especially if this happens again in the winter.  Home canned water.  No expiration date,doesn't go bad.  Build a three-sided outhouse to place over the septic tank,during emergencies.  Don't mess with the toilet at all.  The idea of buying,and maintaining a large generator,and fuel for same,for an event is not appealing.  In an extended emergency,the question you have to ask yourself is this.  How much do I want to spend,maintain,and operate,and risk during an isolating emergency to preserve what I have.  Only you can answer that question.  I will close with Praise the Lord,from whom all Blessings flow!

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