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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The World Must Be Taken for the Lord

What a sad and sorry state of mind so many Christians have about Christ's Kingdom and this world. They see  His Kingdom's victory as something post-historical, and they see the present age as one of progressive defeat and decay.

Actually, this attitude common to both premillennialists and amillennialists (what one commentator calls pessimillennialism) is a relatively new phenomenon. Over centuries of Church history, we can cite many who saw history as the stage for the progressive victory of Christ and His kingdom.

My wife sent me this gospel song that serves as just one example of a victorious mindset. from the 1890's as it appeared in a Pentecostal songbook. You can hear the melody if you CLICK HERE.

The world must be taken for the Lord;
Onward, soldiers, and arm ye for the fight.
“In His Name” now watch and fight and pray,
Till all foes fear and tremble at the sight.

Ever onward, Christian soldier,
The world must be taken for the Lord,
Ever onward be your watchword,
The world must be taken for the Lord.

The world must be taken for the Lord;
And if faithful we know that we shall win.
Each day there’s a shout along the line
As we capture some citadel of sin.


The world must be taken for the Lord;
Final vict’ry is nearer ev’ry day.
The past holds no record of a time
When so many as now the Lord obey.


The world must be taken for the Lord;
Ev’ry nation and land shall yet be won.
His banner shall wave o’er all the world,
For our God with His army marches on.


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