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Thursday, November 24, 2011

American Evangelical Pilgrims?

The Pilgrims celebrated the first American Thanksgiving in Autumn of 1621, about a year after landing at Plymouth Rock. I have wondered though . . . . If the Pilgrim congregation had reacted like modern American evangelicals, perhaps the Plymouth Colony would never have been settled.

Here's my idea of how a modern evangelical congregation might have received the plea to leave England:

Pastor William Brewster (WB): The elders and I have decided that in light of the present persecution and the likelihood of further measures against us, that our church should leave England.

Congregation (C): We're sure gonna miss you guys!

WB: You don't understand. We mean that the whole congregation -- all of us -- need to leave England together.

C: Leave our homes? The housing market is depressed. We'd lose our equity.

WB: We're talking about saving lives. The king and the Church of England mean to snuff us out.

C: Some of us have been meaning to talk to you about your extremist rhetoric.

WB: Extremist rhetoric? Many have suffered under the yoke of oppression and not a few have died. As your leaders, we see the need to act.

C: Look, maybe if you toned down the rhetoric and made a few superficial changes in our worship service -- you know, to be little more high-church friendly -- we wouldn't have to worry about persecution.

WB: Our doctrine and worship comes from Scripture. We will not compromise God's truth to get along. We must flee those who seek our lives.

C: Don't get emotional. Maybe the best thing would be to dissolve our church and all of us keep low profiles by joining approved congregations.

WB: No! We have covenanted together as a body in a union very like marriage. We must stay together as a community of faith. It is what God has called us to do. Our congregation is an administrative unit in the Kingdom of Christ, and to function according to His calling, we must maintain our corporate integrity. However, if we stay in England we may well be scattered by the forces drawn up against us. That is why we elders have decided we must leave this country.

C: We're sure gonna miss you guys!

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