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Monday, November 14, 2011

Post Apocalyptic Society

I like post-apocalyptic films. I see The Book of Eli as a high water mark in the production of such films. As I like to interpret it, the movie ends with a hope that the Word of God will provide the foundation for a new beginning for society & culture.

A Mad Max type of chaotic anarchy cannot go on indefinitely. People cannot, for long, live as vultures on the carcass of a defunct social and economic order. Something new must replace it.

The preparedness movement is -- or should be -- about surviving the initial chaos in order to rebuild in the aftermath of a civilization-wide collapse. Christian  historian, economist and social theorist Gary North writes about the signs of collapse  taking place right now:

Yet, for all this, there are signs that the social and intellectual world created by the Renaissance and extended by the Enlightenment -- right wing and left wing -- is nearing its own final days. This is marked by the crisis of the democratic nation-state. It faces these crises:

1. The bankruptcy of its welfare programs for the aged
2. Rising rates of violent crime
3. The failure in the United States of tax-funded education, K-12
4. The bankruptcy of the American empire
5. The loss of legitimacy of the democratic nation-state
6. The break-up of the European federation and euro
7. The failure of the United Nations Organization
8. The rapid extension of Islam in Western Europe
9. Falling white birthrates in the West: below replacement rate
10. The decline of historical knowledge among the West's elite
11. Loss of faith in the idea of progress
12. No replacements for the church and the nation-state
13. Boredom  
(Gary North in the essay, "The Coming Break-Up of the Nation State" -- Although North needs a good proofreader for this piece, this is a must-read for thoughtful Christian preppers)

He further comments on erosion of the central faith in America and the West -- politics as the solution to all mankind's problems:

What was fading in 1980 was messianic politics. The idea that political change will produce some sort of social regeneration was no longer taken seriously by people in the West. Political campaigns invoke the word "hope," as Bill Clinton's campaign and Barack Obama's campaign showed us. But the hope was not fulfilled. Political hope around the world has not been fulfilled. As this confidence in politics fades, something is going to replace it. (ibid.)

North is right. As society continues to decay around us, something must replace the failed hope we have placed in the politics of democratic idealism. What will replace it?

I like to think the wave of the future lies in small groups of believers whom God leads to live in communion and community, according to the pattern of Scripture. I'm talking about a revival of the parish concept.

I believe that such an order of society is integral to God's plan for subduing the nations to the Kingdom of His Son. See Christian Warrior Online's  Mission page.


  1. As is usual, you get me thinking, and yes I think your analysis is correct.

    I also do not believe a great politician will save us...which is why guys like me like a little insurance (i.e. prepping!). Thank you for this post!

    The Book of Eli was a great film, agree with your points on it. Your statements about Mad Max are also realistic...in fact, you can begin to see such an outcome with Bartertown in the 3rd film (albeit only rudimentary).


  2. Thanks, Warrior. Keep the faith; Fight the good fight.