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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Protect Your Children from the Bad Guys

What do you do when some pervert threatens the safety and security of your child? If the threat was imminent, you would take him out by whatever means necessary. Right?

If the threat was clear but not imminent, you would call the authorities. Right? Problem: today the authorities are in the pervert's corner.

The schools, backed by the police & court system, have an agenda that includes the corruption of a child's morals. Parents caught in this demonic web have little or no recourse in today's criminal justice system (emphasis on the criminal)

The video below from parentalrights.org does an excellent job of portraying the problem. Sadly, however, its understanding of the issues as well as its solutions lack full Biblical perspective and strategy.

I intend to bring a more Scriptural view to bear on this problem in a future post (or posts). In the meantime, whatever the godless, statist system wants to do to your child, JUST SAY,"NO!"

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