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Friday, December 23, 2011

A WARSKYL Warm Fuzzy: The Tradition Continues

Many families share Nativity Day traditions, and to some in the WARSKYL family, it has become traditional to expect the retelling of my warmest, fuzziest family holiday memory. It contains a threat of danger, some guns and a happy ending.

Here is the story as I first posted it at Thanksgiving, 2007:

When my older girls were in their teens, we made the trek from Pennsylvania to Riverview, Florida for a visit to my folks. I don't remember if it was actually a holiday or not (but it should have been). My brother & his family were also there, so bedtime was marked by sleeping figures of various sizes curled up all over the tiny house.

Sometime around 2 or 3 AM, I was awakened by a voice outside the house saying, "We have the house surrounded. Come out with your hands up." I wasn't sure what to think, and my first instinct was to grab my Model 1911 from under my pillow and step out of the bedroom door to see if anyone else had heard this demand. They had.

We all met in the center of the house. My brother had his .45, my dad came out of his room with his Remington .380, and ONE OF MY DAUGHTERS had her Helwan 9mm. I can't think of a family get-together where I've felt more warm and gooshy (This is probably the ONLY time you'll see the phrase "warm and gooshy" in this blog). It would have marked an intruder with poor timing indeed to come through the door at that moment.

It makes me proud that all had the same reaction, all (who were able) came armed, and (not least) all were exercising muzzle awareness -- no one inadvertently pointed a weapon at any other family member.

The menacing voice with the threatening message, it turned out, was a recording that belonged to a burglar alarm at a construction site nearby. The air must have been just right to carry the sound to my parents' house so clearly.

A man does what he can, and occasionally Providence gives him a glimpse of the progress he has made. Those moments can provide encouragement . . . but they can also provide warm, fuzzy holiday memories.

If you missed my Christmas Eve story last year, please check back tomorrow. If you have a warrior's heart, I think you'll be glad you did.


  1. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.... Thanks for reposting this, I guess this is our kind of warm fuzzies isn't it?