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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Who Will Staff the Concentration Camps? -- 2

Last week, I blogged a post about the fact that Congress has passed a bill that puts its stamp of approval on the detainment of citizens without formal charges or trial for an indefinite period of time. (see here) Then I posted about how FEMA has begun to solicit bids to supply everything from food to fencing & barricades for its relocation camps. (see here)

In that second article, I stated that obedient American drones would staff the camps designed to intern their fellow citizens. The following National Guard ad reveals that recruitment and training of personnel is already underway.

The danger in doing away with due process lies in how the power brokers decide who is and is not a terrorist. Remember, not too long ago one state defined people who support non-establishment candidates like Ron Paul as "potential terrorists".

So, the wheels are in motion. It remains to be seen what event will serve as the pretext to round up of Americans and put them in camps. Also, we do not yet know exactly whom the powers that be will target first.

If you are a Christian who vocally opposes statist encroachments on your faith and your liberty, then you may be at risk. Oh wait . . . I forgot . . . it can't happen here.

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  1. Also, we do not yet know exactly whom the powers that be will target first.

    Interesting idea--perhaps they will go for another group first, then broaden their criteria...slowly eroding the public's inhibitions to such things. What do you think?