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Friday, February 17, 2012

From the Barber's Chair: Maglite LED

Back in the old days, Maglite ruled the tactical flashlight field. In recent years, however, they've fallen behind those companies that have taken advantage of the bright LED technologies.

When I saw that they came out with an LED light, I asked my barber what he knew about it. Since he's a flash-o-phile, he acquired a Maglight model LED XL50 and sent me the following report:

Just secured it a few hours ago. It's from Maglight at wally-world.
  1. 105 lumens. 
  2. three-click control , one click for full power,two for half power,and three for strobe. (I really like that one for signaling and for disrupting an attacker.)
  3. 8hours and 45 min. run time on high beam. 36,yes 36 hours run time on low beam!!!!!! 
  4. 145 meter beam distance. 
  5. Powered by three AAA batteries!!! 

 I tested this tonight on the neighbor's house,which is about 200 yards away. I could clearly see detail on their garage door and siding... All for $29.00. The slim profile is the main attraction for me.

This light will be used in conjunction with this. [click here] I have been planning this for months. I cut the elastic out of the sides of the pouch. I use it for an active shooter pouch. It contains my smith 642,two speedloaders,small first aid kit in the flap,a combination camper knife,and a pad and pen,and the new LED light. It is a small package,that travels well for off-body CCW,and very low profile.

The pouch can be added to bags to increase options,and in vehicles when the EDC bag does not go. It will also fit in coat pockets,too. I slide it into the cupboard in the shop while working.

 I like the new LED light from maglight.

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  1. I have this thing for flashlights. So useful, so much fun....

    The Maxpedition pouch link isn't working?