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Friday, March 9, 2012

Beware the iPhone Snitch App

Anyone who has paid any attention at all to releases from DHS & the FBI realizes that the establishment has an agenda-driven view of what constitutes potential terrorism. Recent pronouncements against the dangers of "homegrown" terrorism include warnings against Christians who actually believe the Bible, those who oppose murdering unborn infants, people who believe in limited civil government, returning war vets, people who think public officials should obey the Constitution they've sworn to "preserve, protect and defend", gun owners, people who pay for merchandise/services with cash, people who buy night flashlights (as opposed to flashlights designed to be used in daylight?), etc. (For more indicators of terrorism, CLICK HERE)

(Isn't it interesting that the Bible and the Constitution are documents revered by potential terrorists, but not the Koran?)

The FBI has a whole series of fliers that describe these activities and encourage citizens to report those who exhibit said behavior. Now, however, the feds have devised a way to make it even easier for us to spy on each other: the iPhone spy app.

Here's the lowdown on this from Tea Party Economist:

There is a new cell phone application. It allows anyone with a smart phone to record anything suspicious and send it to the Department of Homeland Security.
There is a pilot program in West Virginia. It will spread.
Here is where it gets interesting. The DHS is using regional centers to collect and maintain this information. They are called Fusion Centers.

For more on Fusion Centers, CLICK HERE

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