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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Family Security & The Christian Warrior

Re: Christian Warrior Health & Fitness; Family Security

The Tea Party Economist paints the following scenario:

What if your child had cancer. You took him to a conventional physician. He got better. The child shows no traces of cancer.
Then the state steps in and says you have not done enough. Your child must be given an experimental drug not yet approved by the Food & Drug Administration. There is some evidence that the drug in fact causes some forms of cancer.
You protest. You are then threatened with jail. Your child will be taken from you by the state and given the experimental drug.
What would you do? (Source: See Here)
This scenario is based on an actual case as reported on WND. The parents have taken the state  to court and won twice, but the state keeps appealing. (The parents belong to Home School Legal Defense Association which bears the cost of legal action.)
Suppose that they lose the final appeal? What will they do? What would you do?
Would you stock up on ammo and make a last stand? Would you surrender your child to the state?
The first option is doomed to failure. The state will kill you AND your child -- for his own protection, of course -- rather than risk a precedent that might allow parental jurisdiction over children's health.
The second option is unthinkable. Thankfully, there is a third: flee from persecution.
Most people would not do this. I have. Most people feel as though they have too much to lose by leaving house, family and job to save their child. Their values are upside down.
In 1987, a local school superintendent held $28,000 in fines over my head to force me to put my children into his godless school. I was afraid that my refusal would prompt him to try to take my children away.
The principal of a Christian school -- who was also a law student -- offered to have someone present at the magistrate's office. If it looked as though child & youth services (CYS) was involved, they would quietly leave with my children and hide them from authorities. It's hard to describe the gratitude my wife & I felt and the peace of mind that gave us.
(After some adverse publicity, the superintendent backed down.)
This was so much of a comfort to me, that about three years later, I made the same offer to another Christian couple who was facing legal difficulties with their home education efforts. Later, they also expressed that our offer to protect their children from the bureaucrats gave them peace of mind.
We talk about G.O.O.D. (Get Out Of Dodge) bags for economic and social collapse. Are you prepared to bug out to protect your family from the bureaucrats? 
Do you have a place to go? A means to support your family?
Do you have friends/family in another state who would harbor your children from the control freaks in your state and local bureaucracy? Perhaps what we really need is to establish, not an underground railway, but an underground sanctuary for American refugees.
As the Tea Party Economist said at the end of his article,"This is America today. This is 'the land of the free.' Let’s not be naive about what we are facing."

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