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Monday, April 9, 2012

Nutrient Dense Preparedness Food

This morning I received an email from Jeff Anderson of the International Society of Close Quarters Combat. It contained this preparedness food tip, which I thought I'd pass along to you.

[W]hile your local grocery may have empty shelves of food,   
there's one place that most people don't even think to use as a   
food resource...

     ...your local supplement store!

You see, bodybuilders who are looking to build muscle have a   
higher-than-average need for nutrients in order to support their   
body's growth.

They need more protein... more carbohydrates... and even more   
dietary fat.

But rather than eating mountains of canned tuna and grilled   
chicken, every bodybuilder keeps on hand a ready supply of "meal   
replacement powder".

This is a ready-to-mix powder that contains a highly condensed   
amount of all the essential nutrients you need for long-term   
energy and health.

Plus, it has a long shelf life and if you DO need to bug out, you   
can easily carry a lot of it in a zip-lock bag and mix it up with   
water any time you need a fast, nutritious meal on the run.

Here are some tips on picking out the right kind...

  *  Make sure you find a "meal replacement powder" and not just   
     a "protein powder".  They're NOT the same thing.  You want a   
     high level of carbs and some dietary fat for energy.  Ask   
     the store clerk to point you in the right direction.

  *  For the carbs, you're looking for "maltodextrin" to be the   
     primary source or some other slow-burning carbohydrate.   
     Fast-sugars like sucrose and glucose will give you quick   
     energy but make you "crash" just as fast.

  *  I recommend getting "Vanilla" as a flavor rather than some   
     other weird one.  Vanilla mixes much better than "mint chip"   
     with other things like oatmeal .

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