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Monday, May 14, 2012

Military Detainment Manual: For U.S.?

Traditional media have pretty much stonewalled the leak of U.S. Military Field Manual 3-39.40, Internment and Resettlement Operations. Net-baser conservative media, however, have been covering the story for the past week or so.

The hoopla in conservative circles centers on concern that the intent of the manual is to train military police to man internment camps for U.S. citizens. Is this a warranted concern?

There is some evidence that the manual was written to include domestic operations. I see this specifically in two places.

First, in chapter 7, "Confinement of U.S. Military Prisoners":

Individual identification photographs are taken of all prisoners. The prisoner’s last name, first name, and middle initial are placed on the first line of a name board, and the prisoner’s social security number is placed on the second line. A prisoner registration number may be added on the third line. Two front and two profile pictures are taken of the prisoner. Fingerprints are obtained according to AR 190-47. (section 7-16, p. 7-10)

Next, in chapter 10, "Resettlement Operations":

Military police will typically be required to account for DCs and report to higher headquarters. This may require the issuance of ISNs or control numbers that are specific to DCs. Commanders conducting resettlement operations ensure a proper understanding of the ISN issuance policy before assigning an ISN to a DC. Even in civil support operations where social security numbers may be used, a supporting system will be required for those without social security numbers. (section 10-33, p. 10-7) [Note: DC stands for dislocated citizen and ISN for internment serial number.]

How many countries have social security numbers? How many call them social security numbers?

U.S. military sources have confirmed the that this document is genuine, and a spokesperson added that the public was never meant to see it. No big surprise there.

To examine a PDF of FM 3-39.40, CLICK HERE.

Information comes to us today so quickly and in such volume that I may need to remind some readers that this manual did not appear in a vacuum. The pentagon produced it in a political and social context.

I will list some facts and events that will help you see this manual in its proper context.

  1. In December, the president signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law. One provision of the law authorizes the president to indefinitely detain any citizen without conviction in court or even filing formal charges. All he has to do is allege that the citizen is a terrorist. (I wrote about this here.)
  2. In 2009 FEMA received congressional authorization to construct "emergency camps" around the country. Late last year, they began to solicit bids on supplying goods and services to the camps. (I wrote about this here.)
  3. The National Guard has been recruiting intenment specialists.
  4. Various federal agencies have flagged both politically incorrect (e.g., support of non-establishment candidates) and arbitrary acts (e.g., taking pictures with your cell phone, paying  for purchases with cash) as suspected terrorist activities. (I have written about this and the previous point here.)
  5. The president claims -- and has exercised -- the power to kill any American citizen that he considers a terrorist threat.

The infrastructure, logistical support, personnel and training for detainment and relocation of U.S. citizens without due process exists. The pseudo-legal precedent exists as does the political and psychological climate to exercise these powers.

In addition, the American public has been conditioned to accept these measures as necessary to public safety and security. This does not bode well for our safety or security.

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