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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Home Invasion

First, the news item on home invasion, some comments, and then a very short (one second) test.

According to Fox News 10 in Phoenix, a 14 year old boy at home with three younger siblings stopped a home invader in his tracks with one shot from a handgun.  Here's the news video:

The good news is that, according to statistics, violent crime is decreasing in this country. The bad news is that, as Mark Twain said, "There are lies, d**** lies, and statistics." (i.e., Figures don't lie, but liars do figure.)

With respect to break-ins and home invasions, some folks down the road from us have had their house cleaned out while they were not home -- twice. The thieves evidently backed up a truck or trailer and carried off everything that wasn't nailed down.

Just today, I met a man looking for a couple of young men in a gray Ford Ranger pickup who had tried to steal a motorcycle from his place in broad daylight. He was home, but his wife had taken the youngsters in their vehicle, so it looked as though no one was home.

According to hearsay, shots were fired and one tire on the thieves' truck became punctured. They took off on three tires and rim, and I met the homeowner as he was out looking for the miscreants.

Lessons? How about:

  1. Arrange for you and your neighbors to look out for each other and each others' houses;
  2. IF YOU'RE A HOME INVADER, STEER CLEAR OF PHOENIX ARIZONA AND POSSUM KINGDOM, SOUTH CAROLINA -- you might end up with more than just a punctured tire.

Now for the little test: You have one second to put your hand on a firearm. Go!

Were you able to do it? Where is your closest firearm. If it's not on your person or within arm's reach, you would be in serious jeopardy in a home invasion situation. 

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