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Friday, August 24, 2012

SitRep: Critical

The good news is that authorities released Brandon Raub from confinement in a psychiatric hospital  in response to a judge's order. The bad news is that his case represents the tip of the iceberg.

John Whitehead, director of the Rutherford Institute and Raub's attorney, says that since the publicity over this case, he has received calls from veterans' groups across the country:

Whitehead said that veterans have since been contacting him from across the country claiming they too were victims of wrongful detention in psychiatric institutes like Raub.
He added,

There’s about 20,000 civil commitments alone in Virginia each year. (Article in The Blaze)
(See video of Glen Beck's interview of John Whitehead below.)

In another recent case, Scranton police arrested a Christian talk show host, and he ended up in a mental health facility where the doctors diagnosed him as psychotic, thereby depriving him of his right to own firearms. Douglas Hagman of the Northeast Intelligence Network reports:

In short, Mr. Egroff was involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility for evaluation due to his pro-Christian yet non-threatening religious views opposing those of the Obama regime. Of course, that’s not the official psychiatric diagnosis given to him, but after an extensive investigation into the events leading up to and following his evaluation, it might as well be. What was uncovered in subsequent investigations involving other “patients,” I am convinced that the common element in all similar cases is one’s Christian beliefs when combined with a vocal opposition to Obama agenda. I’m also convinced we’ve identified their playbook.

Further research into this tactic left me both surprised and shaken to the core. My findings have determined that the situation involving Mr. Egroff is not an isolated case, but one of a growing and effective tactic currently being used to silence the Christian “watchmen” in the U.S. The victims of these tactics are not fanatical, they do not advocate violence, and certainly do not represent any threat to themselves or others. Their common “crime” is that they believe in the Word of God, the Holy Bible, and vocally identify the transgressions of our current government as they relate to the Bible and Scripture. To the Obama regime, this has obviously become a dangerous political threat.

We can clearly see the police state closing its tentacles around the liberties of its people as it steps up its efforts to silence opposing views. I have previously documented the construction and logistical readiness of federal detention camps, the training of the military for deployment against the American populace and the purchase of about a billion-and-a-half (and counting) rounds of ammunition by DHS alone. (Note: The military has expended about "only" 70 million rounds a year in the war in Iraq.)

Federal authorities have put out bulletins to state and local law enforcement agencies that identify returning veterans, Ron Paul supporters, 9-11 truthers, Christian Reconstructionists, and Tea Party people as terrorists. In other words, they have targeted us as the enemy.

During his interview with Glen Beck, Attorney Whitehead mentioned that we live in a total surveillance society. He maintains that authorities can monitor any private conversation or communication  and use it as grounds to "disappear" you into some psychiatric hospital.

In response to that, my wife reminded me of a passage in the book Tomorrow Will Be Better, an account of one family's struggle during the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia:

It is hard to describe what it was like to live under circumstances where every detail, every adt, and every word might suddenly cause one's death. Fear can destroy one's sense of proportion. (p. 130)

At this juncture, we need to close ranks. We need to have each others' backs, and we need to rise up in indignation just as so many did for Brandon Raub. 

Be willing to stand with those who are willing to stand alone.

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