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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Keep on the Firing Line

"Keep on the Firing Line" may be just the song you're looking for, if you want to combine devotional vigor with your time at the firing range.

This is one of those rousing songs in the Southern Gospel tradition. It was written by Howard Haney some time before 1927, and the only melody attribution I could find was "American melody".

Keep on the Firing Line (Midi) Right click on the link and then left click on "Open in new tab". My computer downloads a link to the file, so I have to go through the extra step of clicking where it says "Open" on the download menu. (I think it will become clear as you try it.)

Anyway, here are the words:

  1. If you’re in the battle for the Lord and right,
    Keep on the firing line;
    If you win, my brother, surely you must fight,
    Keep on the firing line;
    There are many dangers that we all must face,
    If we die still fighting it is no disgrace;
    Cowards in the service will not find a place,
    So keep on the firing line.
    • Refrain:
      Oh, you must fight, be brave against all evil,
      Never run, nor even lag behind;
      If you would win for God and the right,
      Just keep on the firing line.
  2. God will only use the soldier He can trust,
    Keep on the firing line;
    If you’ll wear a crown then bear the cross you must,
    Keep on the firing line.
    Life is but to labor for the Master dear,
    Help to banish evil and to spread good cheer;
    Great you’ll be rewarded for your service here,
    So keep on the firing line.
  3. When we get to heaven, brother, we’ll be glad,
    Keep on the firing line;
    How we’ll praise the Savior for the call we had,
    Keep on the firing line;
    When we see the souls that we have helped to win,
    Leading them to Jesus, from the paths of sin,
    With a shout of welcome, we will all march in,
    So keep on the firing line.

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