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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Movie Review: Machine Gun Preacher

I just finished watching the video of Machine Gun Preacher, which I found available for instant viewing on Netflix. It's based on the experiences of Sam Childers, an ex-con who came to Christ and caught of vision for helping the persecuted children of southern Sudan.

I must caution viewers that the movie contains foul language (mostly, but not entirely within the first 10 minutes or so), a sex scene (in a car, viewed from a distance so not really visible), and violence involving children. On the plus side, for adult Christian Warriors, the movie contains some fodder for serious thought.

You can see how God's grace healed transformed Sam and healed his family. You also see the vision he had for the beleaguered children of the Sudan.

As the movie proceeds, though, you see that his involvement in literal gun battles to protect, house and feed the orphans stresses him and his family relations in the same manner experienced by any combat veteran who served overseas.

The movie has good production values and good acting. It does not whitewash the seamier side of Childers' life in Pennsylvania nor the trauma of his mission to Africa. For these reasons, it's not the typical Christian film. But I think it's made to order for mature the Christian Warrior with a proper mindset.

If you're interested in the life and ministry of Sam Childers, but the movie doesn't sound like your cup of tea, you may be interested in the book he has written. I've not read it, but after seeing the movie, I think I'd like to.


  1. This is on the list of movies Colton and I want to see soon (with Clearplay), and you pretty much confirmed all the reasons we were interested with your review.

  2. Glad to have been helpful in that regard. After you view it, perhaps you or Colton would write a few lines here in the comments section.