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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christian Warrior Skill: Picking Handcuffs -- WARSKYL Training

WARSKYL TRAINING: Picking Handcuffs

I hope all Christian Warriors had a meaningful and joyous celebration of the incarnation and birth of their King. Now I have a little Nativity present for you -- by tradition, Christmas does not end until Epiphany.

Suppose you find yourself captured and cuffed by the bad guys: terrorists, kidnappers, rabid feminists, stark raving mad liberal hooligans, lunatic anti-gun lobbyists . . . . You get the idea.

Anyway, the bad guys slap the cuffs on you as they transport you to your doom. In this situation, wouldn't it be handy to know how to improvise a handcuff key out of a bobby pin, paper clip, piece of wire or even a twig?

That's the skill you'll learn in the video below. And always remember, cadets, only use this against the bad guys, never against legitimate LEO's who are enforcing the law in accordance with their oath to preserve, protect and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies.

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