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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Defense against Mob Violence

Re: Self Defense

Since the media coverage of mob violence in London, I have seen some emails and articles that address the problem of mob violence and how to defend against it. Now that emotions have died down, somewhat, I think it;'s time for some sober reflection on the topic.

Here are my own observation/evaluation points:

  1. As I have taught in the WARSKYL seminar, "If you avoid the places where 95% of violence takes place, you will avoid 95% of the violence;
  2. No matter how careful you are, the providence of God may put you and/or your family in the path of some of the remaining 5%;
  3. Awareness is the paramount quality you need to alert you of a potentially violent situation before it comes upon you:
  4. Once you become aware of potential mob violence, the best course of action is evasion/escape;
  5. If you cannot completely avoid/evade, you must treat it as any multiple attacker scenario -- take out the closest & greatest threats, and take the first avenue of escape that opens.
Here is a thoughtful article on the subject that deals with some tactics of getting away from a violent mob:
Self Defense Against a Violent Flash Mob

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