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Monday, September 19, 2011

From the Barber's Chair: Preparedness Evaluation

Re: Preparedness, Barber's Chair

Over a week ago, my barber experienced a flood and five-day power outage. Preparedness prevented a hardship from turning into an emergency.

He sent me an evaluation of his response & preparedness level. I have broken it into segments, and you can read the first installment below'

The area we live in experienced the effects of a period of extended days of rain,followed by the effects of a tropical storm from florida,which tracked over our area.  The ground became saturated,and the relentless rain caused flooding.  We live on top of a hill,880 feet above elevation.  Our basement flooded twice,with clean,runoff water which infiltrated under our basement cement floor.  Expect the unexpected.  In two hours time,we went from O.K. to " oh _ _ _ _!  The small streams at both ends of our road flooded over their banks with fast moving water.  We were an island for awhile.  Electrical power quit immediately.  The fun began.  We ended up five days without electricity.  No running water.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of being in community with other believers.  All our neighbors are followers of Jesus Christ,and it showed in this emergency.  Our neighbors arrived within hours with a generator for us to use to keep our freezer and refrigerator alive.  We also helped them any way we could.  This same neighbor arrived with bags of ice for our cooler.  Another Brother in Christ arrived to offer his generator to us.The circle of Grace.  It works.  Be part of it all your life.  We had just bought a new refrigerator a month before.  I have read and heard that a refrigerator will keep cold for 24 hours if you don't open the door.  Our new one did not.  Food was transfered to the cooler.   The freezer above the refrigerator held.  I have heard and read where a chest freezer will go 4 days without opening without power.  Every 24 hours,our freezer,only about 2 years old,lost 20 degrees of temp!  And it was not hot outside,and this was in a cool basement,wrapped in a comforter!

To be continued . . . .

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