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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

From the Barber's Chair: Preparedness Evaluation, 2

Re: Barber's Chair, Preparedness

Continued from "From the Barber's Chair: Preparedness Evaluation"

Here is the second installment of the debriefing from my barber. If you have any questions, put them in the comment section & I will pass them on to him. If I know him, he will appreciate thoughtful questions and use them in his own evaluation process.

Security.  This was not an issue as we know everyone on our hill,and almost all of them are followers of Christ,also.  After the water began to recede,there was some transient traffic past our house.  You who know me know that I was prepared for any security issues.  'nuff said.  My EDC backpack was nearby at all times,and was on my back when we visited the river's edge to view the flood.  I believe,and practice a layered approach to everything.  I love having options.  Lots and lots of options.  The same applied here.  I had a layered approach to the darkness.  Kerosene lamps,followed by numerous candles.  Artificial illumination went from cheap dependable LED utility lights with magnets and hooks attached,to cheap LED flashlights for utility illumination,to surefire tactical lights for the serious needs. A surefire Z2 nitrolon combatlight with lanyard,was on my person throughout this period.  I also had 2 additional surfire G2s,and additional batteries.

Illumination.  Even though there was bright sunshine for the last three days of this event,and our house has a lot of windows,a home is dark,even at high noon on a sunny day.  Back rooms,and the basement are really dark.  Looking for leaks,boxes,food,or whatever,you will need good illumination.  Have cheap LED flashlights for this use.  They were worth their weight in gold!  Most use AAA batteries which can be bought in bulk at the Dollar General store.  Our LED lights did not use up a single battery in 5 days of hard use.  Kerosene lamps burned half their fuel load in about 5 hours,even with the wicks turned down to a minimum.  The hardware store ran out of lamp oil.  So did we.  On to the candles for night illumination.  Then,the fire danger of using candles and kerosene lamps.  Two candles did the work of a kerosene lamp,and with none of the danger.  Stay with candles.

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