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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

From the Barber's Chair: Ringing the Bell on 9/11

This morning, I received the following communication from my barber:

On September 11th,after we had finished eating lunch at church,Bill reminded us that we were to ring the church bell at one o'clock,for one minute straight. As there were only a handful of servants still there, I volunteered. 

 To ring the bell at our church,you have to go behind the alter. It's dark,narrrow,and lonely. I had hacked my watch to synch at 1PM. As I was waiting,I began to think about why we were called to do this. No one present had knowledge of exactly whom it was aimed at. 

 I began to ponder the totality of 9/11,and I came up with this. I rang the church bell for the following reasons. I want the jihadists to know that the Kingdom of God,and his son,Jesus Christ is still soverign. The Kingdom of God will triumph over evil. As long as one of us is alive,a lone Christian will stand in the dark,having suffered untold loss,to trumpet God's Kingdom,and oppose the jihadists. I also rang it for my son in Afghanistan. For all my Brothers and Sisters in uniform,alive and dead. I am grateful to have served the Lord,and our country in this way. 

 On a day that commemorated a tradgedy,and having just lived through a tradgedy here with the flood,I wanted you to know that we as Christians go forward,Christ's Banner held high.
Here's another interesting devotional thought about 9/11 based on Psalm 2:

Psalm 2 v10 My thoughts on 9/11 « My Daily Devotionals - Psalm 2 v10 My thoughts on 9/11. September 13, 2011 by mydailydevotional. “Therefore, you kings, be wise; be warned, you rulers of the earth.” Watching the 9/11 memorials over the past few days I am struck by the significance of this verse. ...

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