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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

In the Python's Deadly Coils

Both in the wild and in captivity, pythons have killed human beings. If you handle one, you must take care not to let it begin to wrap its coils around your body, for once they do, they contract those coils and squeeze the breath from your body.

Last week, a number of news outlets informed Americans that the Senate's passage of the National Defense Appropriations Act (NDAA) slipped another deadly coil around the body politic. (see here and here)

Senator McCain, the author of the provision for indefinite detention of suspected terrorists without trial or formal charges confirmed that this provision would include American citizens. (see here) Again, realize that this means arrest and detention for any period of time on mere suspicion, without formal charges or a trial.

The president's threatens to veto the law, not because of its obvious violation of the Constitution, but because of a perceived curtailing of executive power:

In their current form, some of these provisions disrupt the Executive branch's ability to enforce the law and impose unwise and unwarranted restrictions on the U.S. Government's ability to aggressively combat international terrorism . . . . (Statement of Administration Policy)

Remember, this is the president who has acted on his public claim that he has the prerogative to assassinate American citizens without formal charges or trial. (see here)

In the wake of these events, FEMA yesterday announced its "National Preparedness System" which claims to centralize control of all society in an emergency:

“What makes this preparedness system unique is that it engages the whole community –individuals, businesses, community- and faith-based organizations, schools and all levels of government,” said FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate. “We recognize that the nation will be most prepared for threats and hazards when we work together.” (Cypress Times, see here)

And under the new guidelines, just about anything can constitute a national emergency (see Cypress Times article, op. cit.) Also, Alex Jones reports that FEMA is now taking bids to supply its emergency (detention?) camps. (see here and here).

The coils are there. Don't think everything is okay just because you don't feel the squeeze yet.


  1. What would you advise we do, right here and now?

  2. Reread the books you sent me a little over a year ago. Then make what preps you can for a rough ride.