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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Budget Prepping: Bang for Each Buck

As my wife and I continue our prepping for possible emergencies and/or difficult times ahead, we've discovered a source for inexpensive supplies. It's a chain store called Dollar Tree.

I don't know if you have one in your area, but we have several in our vicinity. Unlike other "dollar stores", every item in this one costs just one dollar.

Some items are cheaply made, but others have surprisingly good quality. Here are some items I've found there:

Food storage items:

Dehydrated onion soup/dip mix (no preservatives or msg) 3 packets, $1
Dehydrated onion rings (no preservatives or msg) $1
Many other food items, $1 each

First aid items:

Cold pack $1
Heat pack (could double as hand warmer in cold weather) $1
Small bottles of various over-the-counter items (generic Pepto Bismol, for example) $1 each
Many other items, too numerous to list, $1 each

Other items:

Ear plugs (4pair) $1
LED light with clips (meant to clip to a book for reading at night) $1
Set of 3 LED "tea lights" (60 hrs emergency illumination) $1
Sewing kit in soft plastic bag w. needles, 6 spools of thread, needle threader & assorted safety and straight pins. $1
Also, tools, adhesives, cleaning supplies, stationery items -- $1 each

If you're a prepper and there's a Dollar Tree in your area, I recommend you check it out.


  1. I know of the place, but don't visit that often. Must say that I think you are correct though, but I do find their tools lacking, at least in my locations.

  2. You're right about the tools. It's one thing you shouldn't skimp on. On the other hand, if someone had absolutely no tools and a dollar-store budget, I guess they'd have to settle for a few second-rate items -- better than nothing at all.

    As far as the quality of some of their other items, I have been pleasantly surprised.

  3. We do have one of these. I will have to look for these items, and see if ours carries them. Thanks for the heads up!