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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dad Shoots Teen Daughter's Computer

It's all over the internet. The father of a 16-yr-old girl found a rude & disrespectful post on her Facebook page aimed at him & his wife.

He had previously warned her, so he took drastic action & made a video that showed him peppering her computer with shots from his .45. (See article here) His video has engendered a maelstrom of controversy on the internet.

Sadly, the controversy focuses on totally irrelevant issues, such as the man's parenting skills, the right of teens to rebel, and so forth. I would like to redirect the conversation to more practical matters.

  1. What is the best caliber to use if you want to stop a computer dead in its tracks? (Perhaps a shotgun if attacked by a computer-wielding assailant in your own home?)
  2. Is it best to shoot for the center of mass, or should you try to take out the microprocessor?
  3. What do you say to avoid liability, when police arrive on the scene?
  4. Should you plan on using the same weapon to defend yourself against the computer's irate owner, or would another weapon/caliber be more appropriate?
If you have anything to add to the discussion in the way of answers or other appropriate questions, please use the comments section.

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