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Friday, February 10, 2012

Family Security Tip: Learn How & Where to Watch

In the mid 1970's, we had just two daughters who were about 3 and 5, respectively. My wife and I had accompanied my mother and grandmother on shopping trip, and we wound up in a fabric store.

Although not thrilled to be there, I decided to look for some heavier cloth that might be suitable to use in fashioning some gear. Then my mother came up to me.

"Son, there's a man over there who keeps staring at Donna & Theresa." She had my immediate attention.

I went over and stood by my daughters, crossed my arms and simply stared at the man who eyed them. First, he smiled and nodded. Then, when I did not look away, he became self-conscious and left.

To this day, I do not know what that man's motives were. But I'm glad I played it safe rather than risk being sorry.

I'm also glad that my mom was watching when I had focused my attention elsewhere. And she watched like a bodyguard.

When bodyguards watch, they do not focus primarily on their principle. They look beyond the client to the crowd, scanning for potential trouble.

It's a good skill to develop for when you're with a group in a strange, potentially dangerous situation or for when you're out with small children, at all times.

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