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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bertucci Field Watch, 1 Year Later

About a year ago, I bought a Bertucci Field watch and posted a review on my WARSKYL blog. I republished that review here at Christian Warrior Online. Now, it's time for the one-year evaluation.
First and foremost, it still keeps great time. I reset it every week or two, and it's usually only a second or two off. That's the kind of accuracy you'd expect from a much pricier watch.

On a related note, the watch still runs on its original battery, which the company says should last 2 years. So far, so good.

The recessed crystal is still intact, which is a key issue for me. I tend to be hard on watch crystals because I occasionally bang my wrist on doorknobs and other objects that reach out for me as I pass. 

I've become so paranoid about this that I have left the clear polyethylene protective cover, which originally came with it, on the crystal as a last resort buffer against damage. You would probably find this unnecessary since recessing the crystal surrounds it with a protective ring of titanium -- just what Crash Gordon types like me need.

That brings us to the titanium case, which, as you might expect, is very much intact. A few dings -- actually more like discolorations than dings -- mark the very edge of the case where it surrounds the crystal. Each is about the size of a period on this page -- (.)

The rugged nylon band looks a little weathered, probably because every couple of weeks it needs a washing from the perspiration and skin oils that it has absorbed. Also, the buckle and the loop that keeps the end of the strap from flapping around have lost some of their black finish.

This does not bother me, since I bought my Bertucci as a field watch, not as a dress watch. I think the worn look gives the watch a ruggedly attractive look.

You can find the Bertucci Field Watch on Amazon.com.

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