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Thursday, March 29, 2012

From the Barber's Chair: Door Wedges for EDC

My barber shares an addition that he has made to his everyday carry (EDC) kit:

A discussion on active shooter kit contents is on the EDC forum.  One member said he has a door wedge in his.  This is used to barricade a door,during an active shooter scenario.  I am far too slow on the uptake to figure such things out on my own.  What a great idea!!  I thought about it all night,and on the way home from church today,stopped at the hardware store,and purchased a two pack of hard rubber door wedges.  I put one in my EDC bag,and one in the active shooter kit.  I also envision them being used during routine hotel stays for added scurity.  Also,depending on the scenario,they could be used to trap an active shooter,and contain him.  Or contain you from him.  I think it's cheap insurance.  The pair sold for less than $$.00.  Thought I would pass it along......

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