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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Humanitarian Invasion of Uganda

Earlier this year, U.S. policymakers gave aid & cover for Libyan insurgents in a humanitarian move to put control of that nation's government in the hands of a branch of Al Qaeda. Now elitists want another humanitarian military intervention -- this time in Uganda.

It seems that Joseph Kony,  a small-time Ugandan warlord, has murdered some 2,400 people and conscripted some 3,400 youth into his private army. Last year, President Obama sent military advisors to Uganda to help the government deal with this travesty.

Now, a trendy liberal video has gone viral that calls for the U.S. to do more to see this criminal arrested and tried before an international tribunal. (See here)

Okay, Kony is a bad guy. I get that. He's a blight on humanity.

But let's put this in perspective. For years now, Muslims have attacked & killed many thousands of African Christians in Sudan (See here) and Nigeria (See here). One source cites a million African Christians killed by Islamists in the 20th Century. (To see source, CLICK HERE)

Or, how about U.N. troops that have been involved in murder and rape going back as far as the 1960's? (See here and here)

Why this sudden interest in a local Ugandan gangster when much greater atrocities abound? Perhaps the  following news item from last year will shed some light on the question:

Large Oil Reserves Discovered in Uganda, Troops Sent for 'Humanitarian Intervention'

It looks as though elitists whose hearts figuratively bleed for the downtrodden of the Middle East (and who have sent young Americans to bleed literally) have now decided that it's worth the sacrifice of more American lives to relieve the plight of Uganda.

Yeah, right.

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