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Monday, March 12, 2012

Personal Security: Internet Privacy

Like colossal vacuum cleaners, internet giants like Google and Facebook suck information about tens of millions of Americans into their data banks. We already know that DHS combs facebook for some 400 terms. (CLICK HERE to find out what words and phrases could red-flag you.)

Now, it seems that the National Security Administration does not want the public to know about any secret cooperative relationship they may have with Google. The Department of Justice has sought to block a freedom of information inquiry that would bring such a partnership into the open. (CLICK HERE for article)

I'm not suggesting that I or any of my readers are doing anything wrong or illegal. But if you do research in search engines that you think is no else's business, then you may want to consider an alternative to Google.

I am going to recommend duckduckgo.com. It does not track users' searches.

Also, if you go to the lower right hand corner, you can click on the [settings] link. Then scroll down to privacy settings. There, you can make sure that sites you visit cannot back-trace your visit, and the engine will take you to encrypted https:// pages (where available).

This is the very minimum I would do to ensure that my internet searches do not become part of someone's secret database.

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