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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Improvised Weapons: Office Supplies

Do you, like me, think the Christian Warrior should be able to arm himself in any environment from whatever he finds at hand? If so, Joerg Sprave's video below should interest you.

Sprave has a bodybuilder's physique, a charming accent and a winsome smile. He also has an uncanny ability to weaponize almost any object you can think of.

Here is a video in which he devises some cubicle-expedient weaponry. Of course, you would not want to go up against a mugger who wields a pistol -- let alone a terrorist with an M4 -- if you had nothing but a "pencil shooter", but the scissor-based slingshot has some survival possibilities. (Think squirrels & pigeons.)

Likewise, while the improvised pike would not place first in my choice of stabbing weapons, if I found myself in a situation where I had nothing else, it's nice to know it could be done.

If you think his creations are too "michael rodent"* for you , at least open yourself to the mindset that sees potential defensive tools in common objects.

Thanks to my daughter Merrianna for drawing my attention to Joerg Sprave and his videos.

*Name changed to avoid copyright infringement lawsuit by a very litigious entertainment giant. 


  1. Without being too rough on the guy, I agree with you. I think he has some decent ideas, but they are clearly last-ditch and not too effective unless you've had some time to prepare. However, like I said, not being hard on the guy--there is an application for such things, as you noted (small game, etc).

    I have thought about this kind of thing all my "office" life. Every job I've ever had, I have always been the guy who collects the unclaimed scissors, letter openers, or box cutters and "forgets" he has them in his drawer. One time I discovered an old dejected pen--sturdy and painfully sharp. It became my pal, and when I left that place of employment I bequeathed it to him as I told him why I kept it, making him chuckle in a positive manner.

    Another time an old supervisor used a very large steak knife (8n or 9 in blade) to cut some material for a project, and I took over as she wasn't cutting very effectively. I proceeded to leave the knife at my desk, mumbling about how I would put it away later...and never did.

    The current fad of no-weapons policies at corporations and businesses makes it difficult. If you don't want to break the rules (and you are entirely justified in doing so, in my opinion), then at least have some idea. I carry a metal shafted pen everywhere, including when I'm not at work. If anyone questions the "scary" appearance (never really happened), I can tell them it was a gift and is made out of some sort of aircraft metal, i.e. a nerdy thing I like. Both are true in this case.

    I recently started this thread over at the Art of Manliness. You might be interested!


    Thanks for the post. I love this sort of thing, really!


  2. ERRATUM - The repeated use of "him" should have started with "my friend"--sorry, typo I suppose.

  3. Thanks, Warrior. As always, your comments are pertinent. Would you like to see more of this guy's work? He has some impressive slingshots and has designed some slingbows, as well.

  4. Certainly, I would like that! I think that slingshot could be a bit better. For instance, I have two slingshots myself, both I only paid around $7 for. But, before I pass snobbish judgement (I tend to go for top-of-the-line items), let's here what he has to say!