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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How to Know When Attack is Imminent

Can you identify when the orc is ready to attack? I just read this tip from Damian Ross over at theselfdefenseco.com.

When humans shift into fight mode . . . hormones and adrenaline are dumped into their body as they prepare for physical violence they will display some or all of these tendencies unless they have otherwise practiced suppressing them. If you are in a situation and the person you’re dealing with displays some or all of these behaviors they are going to attack you. They will use one syllable responses. When you’re in fight mode you can no longer reason. Sentences will be reduced to one word answers, nods and grunts. They will start to stretch their neck and arms. They will take their jacket or shirt off. Some people think this is because the person wants to show off their muscles. But it actually has more to do with the desire to shed weight and excess baggage to increase mobility.

What do you think? Are there other signs? Tell me what your experience is like in this regard.

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