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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Defending Against a Knife

Let me preface this entry by saying that no one has ever attacked me with a knife. Someone may have threatened with an edged weapon once or twice, but that's not the same as an all-out attack.

Since I wrote my series on knife defense for my previous blog, I have done a lot of thoughtful study on the matter. I've read reports and watched videos of actual attacks and commentary by people who have survived knife attacks. This has brought the matter into focus for me.

Today, I want to discuss the Tueller drill. That's the demonstration that proves a trained, prepared officer needs at least 21 feet of distance in order to draw and fire his weapon before a knife wielder  can reach him.

One family has used the Tueller drill to hone their handgun skills. Here's the video:

Now, this kind of practice certainly has value in training to get your weapon into action, but what value is it in preparation for a knife attack? Almost nil.

Let's look at this from the the orc's point of view. You're the orc, and you've singled out your victim. So, what do you do?

Do you draw your blade and brandish it from 20 feet away, then charge him? I don't think so. The nature of the knife means that you must use it at close quarters. That means you must keep it concealed until you get within striking distance of your prey -- probably less than three feet.

Unless Providence ordains that some raving lunatic begins his knife attack from half a block away, drills like the one in the video above will not save you. A lot of stabbing victims never saw the knife. I didn't say they never saw it coming; I said they never saw it, -- period. Many knife attack victims' first inclination is to think they've been punched.

A knife wielding orc will not advertise his weapon until he's close enough to plunge it into you. If he gets that close, you will have only your hands, or what you hold in them to defend yourself.


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