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Friday, September 21, 2012

Defending Against a Knife, 2 -- The Realities of Knife Attacks

Continued from "Defending Against a Knife"

Relentless, high speed rage that generates a cloud of confusion. That pretty much describes a knife attack.

The attack in the following video emphasizes the vicious nature of virtually all knife attacks. I believe that the officer's heavy winter jacket (zipped up!) saved her from multiple stab wounds. As it stands she only received two wounds to exposed areas. One just missed slicing her carotid artery.

When someone attacks with a knife, you do not have the luxury of intercepting a single, committed lunge. Instead, you must face jab, jab jab in seeming endless procession. If you block one jab the next one will come in immediately, and it will come above, below or around your block.

If you play the defensive game, you may stop some. Others, however, WILL get through. Eventually you will succumb through attrition.

The following video gives a more realistic picture of knife attacks than any I have had the privilege to view. Sadly, the instructor peppers his entire narrative with street language. I must ask any minor readers of Christian Warrior to consult with their parents before watching it.

What lessons can you take away from these presentations? What realistic options do you have to survive a knife attack?

More to come.

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