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Friday, October 5, 2012

From the Barber's Chair: Tokarev Pistol

I recently sent my barber a link to a site that sells a lot of used, imported firearms. Here's what I wrote:

This outfit reminds me of some of the deals we used to see in Shotgun News (remember "quality time"?) when we were at TBH.

As you paged through Shotgun News, you would find the tips of your fingers turning black from the printer's ink, My barber always referred to that a sign of quality time.

Anyway, my email contained a link to a site called Classic Firearms. Yesterday, I received this reply:

     Roger on the quality time!  A guy showed up at the gun club with a tokerev.  I had never shot one.  Ballistically it is equal to a .357!  Very well made,but a ver narrow frame.  deadly accurate,and there are gads of surplus comm ammo available.  I was impressed.  Who knew.  If that's all I had,I would not be sad.

Wow! This came from a man I consider the consummate pistolero -- and one who disdains weapons design ed/made under Communist regimes, to boot.

I've never owned one, never shot one. I don't have any financial interest in your buying one. But if my barber says they're that good, then I'd say getting one for under 300 bucks is a real bargain.

CLICK HERE to check 'em out.

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