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Thursday, November 15, 2012

REAL Lessons from Hurricane Sandy

But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel. (1Timothy 5:8)

Sandy left in its wake a swath of devastation and destruction. FEMA's response shows that it has learned nothing about disaster relief from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

That, of course, assumes that the main purpose for FEMA has something to do with disaster relief. If we go by their actions, we must conclude that they see their mission as using natural or man-made disasters to extend their control as completely as possible over as many people as possible.

Consider the fact that FEMA sold off its once-used emergency trailers as Sandy approached. Who needs trailers in wintry weather, when you can put cold, hungry people in tents? (CLICK HERE to see news source)

While those affected still pick up the pieces, what lessons should you take away from all this? I have listed some to think about:

  1. Even after it became clear where Sandy would strike with historic force, the overwhelming majority of people did nothing to ready themselves. Within a couple of days, they had no food or water, and they could not keep warm. Don't be like them -- begin to prepare NOW.
  2. New York could spare policemen to force evacuations, but not to protect evacuated neighborhoods from looters. Decide what you will do -- Abandon your house & belongings? Hide so you can stay and protect them?)
  3. Authorities lured survivors out of their houses (and in at least one case, out of a heated shelter) with promises of warm hotel rooms with hot food and showers. Then they transported them to a compound, put them in tents and issued them ONE BLANKET each -- in freezing weather. (Remember the movie The Outlaw Josie Wales, where the Union army enticed rebel guerillas with promises of amnesty and food? The ploy still works, because people want to believe.
  4. In the absence of law enforcement, gangs of looters raided stores and terrorized people who were still in their homes. People who live in two of the most viciously anti-gun states found themselves defenseless against the strong and the ruthless. In the absence of police, the volunteer group, Guardian Angels tried to step in to fill the gap. Don't be defenseless -- arm and train NOW.
  5. The media showed many images of people demanding "help" in the form of handouts. They personify the entitlement mentality. Don't be like them. Take responsibility for yourself and your family, including safety, health, security and provisions. (See Scripture passage a beginning of this article.)
  6. Some have suggested that FEMA's handling of the storm victims merely provided a practice run for herding citizens into concentration camps. They may have a point. (CLICK HERE)

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